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Choral and Orchestral Conductor

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SEPTEMBER UPDATE. What a month this has been! Starting in Barcelona with the most extraordinary Mozart Requiem I have ever done, with Orfeo Catala, Orquesta Simfonica des Valles and the World Festival Singers at the Palau de la Musica. The back of my hand is still hurting from pinching myself constantly for four days! We have started rehearsals of the Andre Thomas Project Choir at the LSO which are doing extremely well (concert details here) and I have just got back from Basel after rehearsing for the Basel Proms in November which promises to be a deeply wonderful occasion. Not only that, but it is TEACHER WORKSHOP time for Young Voices! Details in my diary, but these days are such fun. I love meeting our YV teachers up close and personal. Please say hi if you're coming!


Well wouldn't you know it, in trying to update my diary on here I discovered the Website host has discontinued the app.  You are still very welcome to browse my diary, and you will find it by clicking here.

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